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Village Life


    We find the world’s communities to be more reachable today due to our more advanced technologies and communication systems. These opportunities when created effectively,  have influenced our perceptions; have moved people to human rights movements and change; and have enabled us to think about how we can better work together within our differences of development and culture. Most importantly, they may give us possibilities for unity and respect in identifying our common core.

Kids for World Health is committed to understanding the human aspects of all cultures in which we serve as partners. To encourage this, it has been a position of our Founders and students that we need to learn to have dialogues for mutual understanding and to create opportunities for them.

In this section, we will share communications with villagers while developing an organized system for dialogue. We will share Personal Stories of villagers, as well as Patient Stories to understand more empathetically how help is defined. We will ask questions collected from student members, and share our perceptions on common human themes. And, we will pose your questions for response on our Message Board Forum. Please post your responses each month!


In 2001 and in 2009, students  repeatedly asked the following questions from our village sites:

What is Joy?

What is Fear?

What restricts your Life?

What makes your life meaningful?

What inspires?

A powerpoint presentation is currently linked on  Understanding Culture that enhances these questions with Ugandan village photos by Kay Kobbe.  We hope that you will find this interesting and useful in your own discussions and that you will share your thoughts with us!