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Tiburcia Sacaca Quispe

Tiburcia Sacaca Quispe


Tiburcia grew up in the mining city of Potosi, Bolivia before moving with her family to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She remained in Santa Cruz making her life as a homemaker with her husband, living close by her sisters as well. She raised 3 children, now grown, and helps care for her 6 small grandchildren.


She shares her 2-bedroom house with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren. She enjoys being with family around the house and cooking, and never took much to television. She stands tall at 4 feet 5 inches and always has a huge smile, ready to face any challenge with the best attitude.


Tibucia was first told when needed a pacemaker about 1 year ago, and has been seeing a cardiologist ever since. During the night, her heart would beat abnormally, and once her heart stopped beating for 7 seconds. Her heart is affected by Chagas disease, a common disease in Bolivia. People become infected with Chagas disease after being bitten by a reduviid bug which lives in cracks in houses made of mud. The diseases can cause heart or gut problems 20-30 years after being bitten.


Tibucia and her family had been looking for a way to get a pacemaker, but unfortunately, the equipment was too expensive. Luckily, Tiburcia was referred to a Chagas disease research group who was able to provide the pacemaker supplied by My Heart, Your Heart, and leads and introducers supplied by Kids for World Health. She had a successful surgery this February and is now incredibly thankful to continue watching her grandchildren grow up.