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Suggestions for Activities

Aim#1- Education and Awareness:

Suggestions for Activities

  • Develop a theme for your own Global Health Initiative
  • Prepare an exhibit and/or Fair Night on Neglected Diseases and KFWH targeted diseases that highlight the facts; share with other groups and community; link to Education/Neglected Diseases and Research Library
  • Interact on panel discussions with neglected disease doctors and international healthcare workers.
  • Invite knowledgeable speakers and KFWHfounders to present their work in the field and their accomplishments
  • Show and discuss films produced in Africa and Bolivia by KFWHfounders and other organizations
  • Create poetry or essay contests on relative topics like ‘empathy’ or ‘compassion’
  • Create and share powerpoint presentations on neglected diseases topics or share and discuss KFWHwebsite topics and stories Add the key open questions
  • Form research groups to learn about global health problems with ideas for resolution
  • Form a Book Club or discussion group with recommended books such as, Nicholas Kristof and Cheryl WuDunn’s “Half the Sky,” or Dr. Paul Farmer’s “To Repair the World,” or “God Grew Tired ofUs” by John Bul Dau with key points as focus questions. Invite the authors to answer questions via email
  • Provide interactive “Wheel of Misfortune” activity projects that include an exhibit, ways to understand the diseases of the world’s poor, and treatments that could exist if funds were raised. ( link to Student Exchange/ Education Activities) on website

Check-out “How to Start A Chapter” and the “Student Exchange”on our website.


C. Aim#2- Fundraising: Suggestions for Activities

  • Host a Talent Show sponsored by KFWHalong with products and awareness tables
  • Highlight a noted performance or speaker, earning funds from KFWH products and/or admissions. Present the current project on Chagas.
  • Publicize and describe events such as the student “Jug Walk” and how sponsors were found
  • Show presentations of student work at the beginning of an event or EXPO through KFWH powerpoint presentations with student speakers
  • Set-up a KFWH EXPO with interactive stations to learn about fundraising, education and membership as a one day, week-long, or month-long event.
  • Create a sale booth of hand-made products such as cards or beaded bracelets…see product information- link. Hand-out small informational hand-outs at the doors.
  • Advertise KFWH Tribute Cards in memory or honor of a special person
  • Plan a theme Bakesale for your school!
  • Plan a Contribution Drive; Dollars for Chagas…save a life!
  • Plan a Book Sale on related books ( book list link) or general book sale
  • Sell pizza at lunchtime with a theme
  • Link up with a the annual Science Fair and set up a booth or refreshment
  • Sponsor a Store with Tee shirts and global products
  • Sponsor a Jugwalk to simulate how far villagers need to carry water to their village or how far patients need to walk to get to a clinic for treatment link to Student exchange

D. Aim#3- Membership Expansion:Suggestions for Activities

  • Plan a contest for membership within school and in other areas of the state and country via relatives or friends
  • Hand-out printable membership cards and collect dues-link
  • Plan Community Awareness Programs and seek membership
  • See administrators for course and service credits

Share your Global Health Initiative on the KFWH Website!

Enter your photos with permissions, description of event, student writing, essays, ideas for each Aim of Education, Fund-raising, and Membership through Contact Us!, Jane Rothman, Student Ed./media editor and facilitator.