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Anna and Edgar’s Story

Anna and Edgar’s Story

Names have been changed to preserve the privacy of the tellers in all of our posts below.

Anna and Edgar’s Story

 Anna and Edgar come each Tuesday and Thursday to work within the
Healthcare HIV Clinic and to receive their meds for AIDS. They have eight
children, two of whom have HIV through birth.

The couple walks to work and to the clinic starting at 6:00 AM, arriving at
8:00 AM to receive their protocols, a walk that should take less than an
hour. They are often too tired to walk faster, especially since their intake
is one scant meal a day. Although their meds require 3 good meals a day,
the couple does not eat much, as they first make sure that their children
have enough to eat.Their immune systems are weak from the disease and it
is impossible for them to retain the energy they need to lead active lives.
The couple was forced to move from their home village to avoid the stigma
of their condition. Comfort comes now only from each other, which was
inspiring to see. Their wish is that their children have real happiness, health, food to eat, and an education. More than anything, they wish to live long
enough to raise them.Kids for World Health gave the couple two bicycles in order that their journey be shortened. They were so grateful that they brought me alive chicken for lunch, a hand-made mat, and a cabbage!

They wish to be remembered by all of you.