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Kids for World Health Timeline


  • The voice of the original founders emerges during a study of African culture in a third grade classroom at Chatsworth Avenue School, Larchmont, New York.
  • The Himba tribe followed via internet as it migrates through Namibia in search of food. A connection between cultures ensues.
  • Sam Gruppo brings to the class a “60 Minutes” film on Sleeping Sickness and the questions surrounding the responsibilities of the western world for the treatment of neglected diseases for people affected in the world’s poorer countries.
  • Students write letters to pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and make connections within the United Nations and the World Health Organization.
  • Students meet their founding mentor, Dr. Jean Jannin, Coordinator for Sleeping Sickness at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.


  • Color- coded charts made by students as they discuss their vision and classify the important information into Aims, Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives.
  • KFWH expands its network.


    • Kids for World Health with its moto, “Life is important for all people, rich or poor” is accepted by the State of New York as a 501 (c3) not-for-profit organization.
    • The organizational structure of Kids for World Health is implemented.
    • Founders attend the Doctors Without Borders “Access to Essential Medicines Campaign” exhibit with N.Y. Congresswoman, Nita Lowey.
    • KFWH students receive correspondance from “60 Minutes” film journalist, Christiana Amanpour.
    • Founders invited by Doctors Without Borders to present a petition as representatives of U. S. students to the White House Deputy Secretary for access to medicines for the world’s neglected disease victims.

April 23, 2003

  • KFWH holds a press conference on the Mall in Washington D.C. with Jake Feinman as speaker.
  • KFWH marches on the Mall for neglected diseases support.
  • KFWH founders lobby in the Senate Building for support.
  • Founders give presentations on neglected diseases to NY Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chuck Schumer; Congresswoman Jan Schakowski in Washington D.C.


  • Founders give formal presentation at the Hommocks Middle School to all students and staff for the purpose of encouraging new membership.
  • Geoff Miles, starts the first chapter of KFWH at the high school level at Mamaroneck High School, Mamaroneck, NY.
  • Patrice Schwartz, District teacher, starts the first elementary chapter at Murray Avenue School in Larchmont, New York.


    • “Kids for World Health EXPO: An Evening for Life”, featuring a world-renowned panel of doctors: Dr. Jean Jannin, WHO Sleeping Sickness Coordinator; Dr. Carlos Pinkas Dias, Chagas Disease expert, Brazil; Dr. Christopher Schofield, ECLAT Coordinator at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Lloyd Timberlake, Director of the African Union, Atlanta, GA.along with the founding students, is held in Larchmont, New York.

March 23, 2005

  • KFWH receives letter from President Bill Clinton.
  • KFWH receives congratulatory letter from Bill Gates.
  • First major KFWH Action in Yei, Sudan : KFWH Clinic #1 under construction.


  • KFWH Chapters expand into New Jersey, Ohio, other areas of New York, Illinois, Nigeria, and France.


    • Founders present at the Celebration for Teaching and Learning sponsored by Channel 13 in New York City.

March 13, 2007

    • Presentation of “Reach Out for Life EXPO: An Evening of Awareness and Hope” with John Bul Dau, Lost Boy from the Sudanese War.

May 16, 2007

    • Clinic Action #2 is constructed at the JB Dau Clinic in Duk County, Sudan.
    • KFWH Founders return to Washington D.C. for White House visit and presentation meetings with First Lady, Laura Bush; Alice Albright, Director of the GAVI Institute; and Dr. Peter Hotez, U.S. Speaker for neglected diseases at George Washington University.

November 19, 2007

  • Founders Meeting: Vote passes to remain separate from other larger organizations in its focus on choice of Actions.
  • Vote passes to utilize only student fundraising funds for KFWH Actions.


  • KFWH expands its membership to include approximately 4,000 students in participatory programs
  • Clinic Action #3 in Kaliau, Tanzania under construction and completed.


    • Local Base Chapters sponsor KFWH Hike-a-thon at Saxon Woods Park in Mamaroneck, NY.
    • Chatham, N. J. Middle School Chapter holds the first annual KFWH Talent Show.
    • KFWH Founders are invited to speak at the “International Conference for the Scientific Council on Sleeping Sickness, Treatment and Control” in Kampala, Uganda. Representative for the students, Founding Teacher, Kay Kobbe, speaks to 650 doctors and researchers from around the world about KFWH, accompanied by an introduction by Founder, Jake Feinman shown in a new KFWH film produced by Brad Garfield.

October, 2009

  • Clinic Action #4 in Lwala, Uganda under construction.
  • Kay Kobbe, Board Director, visits Lwala village in Lwala, Uganda for a five week period to develop cultural relations and to further understanding of village life among KFWH students.


    • Kids for World Health is recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award from the Tri-Municipal Human Rights Committee.

January 13, 2010

    • KFWH is given a Congressional Proclamation by Nita M. Lowey.
    • KFWH is given a Proclamation by Senator Suzi Oppenheimer.
    • KFWH is given a New York State Assembly Citation by George Latimer.
    • The State of New York issues a Legislative Resolution commending Kids for World Health.
    • January 13th is proclaimed Kids for World Health Day!
    • “Village to Village Fest” home base event is held in the center of Larchmont, New York for awareness and fundraising.

May 23, 2010

  • First Mamaroneck High School KFWH Talent Show.
  • KFWH pediatric clinic #4 opens in Lwala, Uganda.


    • Kids for World Health presents “An Evening for Understanding” a community event featuring Nicholas Kristof, NY Times Journalist and Pulitzer Prize Award Recipient on “The Impact of Youth Involvement and Community Activism”.

March 14, 2011


    • KFWH Clinic Action #5 in Lwala, Uganda. 400,000 dollars of supplies delivered to Lwala Hospital to support diagnosis and treatment.

January, 2012

    • KFWH Clinic Action #6 in Bodo, Chad opens in October, 2012.
    • First KFWH student intern and former founder, Emily Wharton, works in Camiri, Bolivia on the treatment of Chagas Disease.

June, 2012

  • First KFWH Action underway in Bolivia, Central America for the treatment of Chagas Disease.


  • Provision of introducers and leads for pacemaker surgeries in Camiri, Bolivia.
  • Introduction of a new KFWH website.
  • Sharing of Patient Stories from Bolivia.