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KFWH Co-Founder Fights Chagas Disease in Bolivia

KFWH Co-Founder Fights Chagas Disease in Bolivia

KFWH Enters South America…

Emily Wharton, one of the 15 Founders of Kids for World Health at the age of 8, was in the field in Bolivia at age 20, working with researchers on Chagas Disease treatment at the site of our KFWH Field Project. The Project being funded by students in chapters in NYC and in several states, provides the leads and introducers for the implant of pacemakers used as a life-saving treatment for patients suffering from 4th stage Chagas in villages surrounding Santa Cruz.

Currently 85% of the villagers are infected by the parasite carried by a beetle that populates the area and bites its victims in the night sliding through the cracks in their mud homes. Emily is our first student intern in the field, and her contribution is to create a video film on the process of this treatment. This film will hope to help alleviate the fears of villagers who have the opportunity for surgery and will support our 1st Aim of Education and Awareness through presentations to audiences in the   U. S. and abroad.