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KFWH Enters South America for the Treatment of Chagas Disease!

KFWH Enters South America for the Treatment of Chagas Disease!

Click to view CDC PDF (printable images) Chagas in Bolivia (Hit Cancel to stop printing)

The above  slide presentation is  a series of photos taken by workers from CDC in Camiri, Bolivia where KFWH is working on the treatment of Chagas.  Notice the cracks in the mud houses where the beetle vector may enter at night. Click off the “print” page, and the beginning of the slide show will be appear. Below the photo of the map, you will find arrows to lead you through the pages.

In 2012, the Kids for World Health Policy Board voted to expand its outreach to Bolivia after a meeting with the Neglected Diseases Department of the Center for Disease Control ( CDC) in Atlanta, GA.

Coordinating with doctoral program researchers, Dr. Eva Clark, Lauren Pring and Dr. Gerson Galdos of The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health based in Santa Cruz, a program to provide introducers  and leads for pacemakers was created and implemented.

At late stages,  Chagas Disease damages the intestinal tract and /or heart muscle. The one chance for survival is pacemaker surgery, something victims are unable to fund on their own.

Photo Gallery:

Note KFWH Intern, Emily Wharton in the field with villagers and healthcare workers.

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