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Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

 The Objectives

To raise awareness of the world’s most neglected diseases and to contribute to the efforts to eliminate them. 

To give assistance, monetary or otherwise, to any action aimed at or contributing to the elimination of Buruli Ulcer, Chagas Disease, Leishmaniasis, and Trypanosomiasis or Sleeping Sickness within the affected countries of the world.


 The Immediate Goal: 

Immediate KFWH Objectives for 2017-2018

  •      Funding for direct prevention and treatment of Chagas disease in Guatemala.
  •     Educational awareness about Chagas Disease in the United States.
  •      Establishment of a KFWH Communication site in Jutiapa, Guatemala.
  •    Funding for our KFWH Pediatric Clinic in Duk County, South Sudan.

Completed Objectives for 2016-2017!

  •  Creation of Sixth Community Event: “Understanding Human Partnership,Awareness and Connection”; featuring John Dau, Lost Boy and Our Panel of Global Health Experts; fundraising for our KFWH Pediatric Clinic in South Sudan.
  • Provision of nutritional food packets to women in treatment for Chagas in Jutiapa, Guatemala.
  • Provision of materials for animal pens for the prevention of Chagas in Guatemala.
  • Provision of materials for 144 home improvements in villages in Guatemala for the prevention of Chagas.

Jug Walk fourth graders (1 of 1)

The Aims:

The Aims of Kids for World Health include the following:

1. Awareness

  • To establish better information and communication systems that encourage dialogue, cultural exchange,and human understanding.
  • To create nationwide and international awareness of Trypanosomiasis and other neglected diseases, such as Malaria, Tuberculosis, AIDS, Chagas, Leishmaniasis,Buruli Ulcer among elementary, middle school, high school, university, and medical school students in collaboration with our Advisory Teams.
  •  To establish visible,interactive correspondence with doctors in the field.


2. Fund-raising and Advocacy

  • To provide advocacy and financial support to designated actions with which KFWHhas an association, and to support global efforts to cover all aspects of control of the targeted disease through:

a.     Contribution of funds to directly implement treatment in the field to those affected by the neglected disease.

b.    Support of doctors in reaching infected villages for treatment and diagnosis.

c.     Support of training programs to effectively diagnose and treat the disease.

d.    Support of research and development of new and more cost-effective treatments.

e.     Exploration and support of African management opportunities.

  • To provide advocacy for The World Health Organization Tropical Neglected Diseases and Sleeping Sickness and Chagas Elimination Programs, as well as neglected diseases programs developed by MSF/NY and the Center for Disease Control.


3. Expansion of Membership

  • To expand our efforts to include other US and international students as members of KFWH working toward our common mission.