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from a Doctor in Angolia..thanks KFWH!

Letter of Thanks from a Doctor in the Field…


My name is Ndinga, and I am an Angolian doctor. I work at the Institute of Combat and Control of the disease, Trypanosomiasis. Right now, I am in Lisbon, Portugal where I came to participate in the 3rd Consortium of Trypanosomiasis . As you know,sleeping sickness constitutes a major problem of public health in Angolia. One third of the population of the country is at risk. Each year, an average of 3500-5000 new cases are diagnosed. The provinces touched by this tragedy are eating up the main economic resources of our country,( oil, diamonds, coffee.) It’s a terrible menace for the Angolian population in general, as well as the environmental and socio-economic development of the state.

 Therefore, it seems it is important for us to congratulate you, the members of KFWH, on your initiatives that you have taken concerning sleeping sickness. Please permit us to thank you in advance for your partnership that is helping.

 Our sincere thanks,

Ndinga Dieyidituvanga