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An Integrated Social Studies Unit Design on Life in Africa
War Dance – Companion Curriculum


Discussion Questions and Leads from the

Harrison  Chapter on  the viewing of the film “God Grew Tired of Us”, portrayal of the journey of John Bul Dau and the Lost Boys of Sudan


1. Word Splash!

   a.What words can we think of to describe what you just saw or heard in the film?


( shocking/emotional/amazing)


   b. What things from the movie stuck with you?


2. Think/Pair/Share

   a. What lessons can we learn?


   (judgement from others and of others/

    can’t give up on dreams

    goals for selves impt.

    kindness to others ; careful about judging others

    reach out ..and see what happens…what you feel..)


 b. Bring to our level….

     ( success; acceptance of others;)


c. How did Unity help the Lost Boys?

    ( shared money/ wanting to help African family;)


d. Open Hearts…things didn’t matter as much as the personal


3. Compare /Contrast

   Pick one of the following themes and explain how your life is different because you were born in America.




Your idea


4. What is the hardest thing you have ever done? How is that similar or different from the challenges the Lost Boys faced?


5. What motivated them to continue?


6. If you were sitting next to one of the Lost Boys on the airplane, what would you have been thinking or what would you have said? What would you have learned?


7. What will you go away wit after this morning?

( accept differences

Learn to listen to other opinions

Accept other cultures for what they are…acceptance in general

Be happy for the littlest of things.

Giving is better than receiving.

We don’t need as much as we think. )