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Kids for World Health would like to recognize the support and commitment of Dr. Jean Jannin, our founding mentor and Coordinator of Tropical Neglected Diseases at the World Health Organization and Dr. Pere’ Simarro,  Department Coordinator for Sleeping Sickness at WHO, for their time and mentorship in the advisement of options for KFWH Actions throughout Africa. Dr. Jannin and Dr. Simarro serve as Advisors and Advisory Team Members for KFWH.  Their time and efforts to support our organization have been a reason for our success in the field and are fully appreciated. We would also thank the staff of Coordinators of the WHO Department of Neglected Diseases serving on the  KFWH Advisory Team,  for their current information and guidance.

Kids for World Health  would like to thank the Center for Disease Control  for their suggestions and council and Dr. Anne Moore, former Neglected Diseases Department Director and CDC Consultant.  Dr. Moore  serves on our Advisory Board.

Kids for World Health would like to acknowledge the input and involvement of Doctors Without Borders for honoring and sharing in the educational aspects of  KFWH.

Kids for World Health began in response to the work of  Dr. Micheleen Richer, a doctor devoted to giving her life to the treatment of Sleeping Sickness throughout communities of Africa. It was her passion and commitment that inspired the Voice of Kids for World Health.  KFWH continues to honor her presence among the world’s poor. 

Kids for World Health would like to thank and express its appreciation to Dr. Pierre Cattand, Director of the Association Against Trypanosomias in Africa. His support was valuable during the creation of our organization.

Kids for World Health would like to thank our Advisory Board of diverse and interested community members and doctors throughout the world for their guidance and research.

Kids for World Health would like to honor our founding group of  Board of Directors: Eileen Gerspach, David Gruppo, Dr.  David Miles, Tamara Urmey, Jan Feinman, Cynthia Stoll,  Francie Campbell, Betty Comerford, Jane Hand, and Rev. William Crawford  for their time, patience, and commitment to the development of Kids for World Health and to the voices of their children and others throughout our community and world.

Kids for World Health thanks all former Board of Directors members:  Sheila Filipowski , Pamela Bolton, Jill Brennick, and Cora Rust for their efforts in giving their expertise and strengths to our development.

Kids for World Health thanks all student members and officers, as well as their Chapter Advisors who have given opportunities for the Voice to be  heard throughout the world.

Kids for World Health thanks the Friends of Kids for World Health for their time and support on events, research, and individual projects that are vital to the fulfillment of the KFWH mission.


Kids for World Health would like to express their appreciation to the following for their long-term commitment and generous support:

  • The Sandpiper Trust, Inc.Dan Scheuer and family

    • The Dan Scheuer Family has supported KFWH since its inception. We thank the Trust for its generous help in the development of KFWH as it works to achieve its mission.
  • Marcia Kalisch, Website Designer, Scarsdale, NY

    •  Marcia Kalisch  devoted lengthy time and energy to the creation of our new website. Marcia passed away in 2016, and we honor her with all that transpires. 
  • Brad Garfield, North Ridge Media, Inc.

    • Brad Garfield, a Larchmont  hometown resident, has given his time and expertise in creating two excellent films that describe our organization through the words of its founders.

Kids for World Health thanks the following local businesses for their support:

  • Signs Plus, Mamaroneck, NY
  • The UPS Store, Mamaroneck, NY
  • The Voracious Reader, Larchmont, NY
  • The Pfizer Match Program, NYC, NY