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5l4n321p Recommended Reading or film

a book about John Dau and the Lost Boys of Sudan

for suggested discussion questions, see “Curriculum Guides” /Teacher to Teacher/Education


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  • ” Hope is never lost. Impossible things are the things you refuse to do.” John Dau
  • ” With peace, everything is possible, but it must be protected, not just for Sudan, but for all peace loving people in the world. Hope must not be lost. All those miles in the desert, I always said, “Maybe tomorrow will not be like this.” John Dau
  • ” What a journey we have taken through time. And how wonderfully blessed we all are in this work; to connect with humanity at  its most common and diverse.”k
  • “What I would tell all students, is at the appropriate time, move out of your comfort zone.” Nicholas Kristof
  • “As adults, I often hear that we cannot- from children I hear why not? ”
  • “In spite of our differences, the Spirit of Life touches the common thread of Humanity in all of us.”
  • “Truth has a way of leading itself.” k
  • “Life above all is center to our existence. To support others in this is to honor it ourselves.” k