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Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of Chapter Development

 US Chapter Development Coordinators shall: and follow-up with US Chapters in their growth

  and development. with Home Base Chapter Advisors to advise and to

  understand Chapter issues and recommendations.

 3.lend support to Advisors in obtaining District support and in

  clarifying policies.

 4. develop and update Chapter Resource Guide and materials

   of US Chapters that will serve as a guide for start-up,

   standards and policy.

 5.send out materials to Chapter Advisors in a timely fashion;

   follow-up with Advisors to get feedback and response.

 6. compile list of gathered resources that may be helpful to

   US Chapters.

 7. assist in the development of an interactive Chapter

   Exchange section and/or KFWH Blog with student groups

   and Website Chairs.


Official KFWH Chapters

Roles and Responsibilities


The Founders of Kids for World Health and the Kids for World Health Board of Directors place importance on the following in order to maintain the original integrity,voice, and mission within the organization:

 It is important to Kids for World Health that…


1.         each chapter of Kids for World Health makes a commitment to share and support KFWH’s mission: raising awareness about the world’s most neglected diseases and helping to eliminate them. Chapters commit to learning about the aims, goals and history of the Kids for World Health organization through study of its website and chapter resource materials.


2.   each chapter accomplishes at least one activity per school year for

     each Aim of KFWH: awareness and education, fundraising,

     and expansion of membership.


3.   each chapter collects and writes information about their activities

     twice a year that can be shared in a KFWH Newsletter or on the

     website.{no student names please.}


4.   each chapter looks for events taking place in its local community

     where chapter members can participate to promote KFWH Aims.

     Examples: town fairs and festivals, school carnivals, holiday

     parades. Collaboration among nearby chapters for education,

     fundraising, or membership events is encouraged, too!


5.   each chapter will help in spreading awareness of neglected diseases

     by helping KFWH to develop a network of communication within their

     school district,schools,chapters,and designated KFWH village



 Kids for World Health Chapter Guidelines


1. Be knowledgeable and become experts on neglected

    diseases and the KFWH target diseases.

2. Find an interested advisor to help.

3. Read “ How to Start a Chapter” in the Resource Guide.

4. Elect officers.

5. Keep good records and minutes in a KFWH notebook.

6. Publicize your meetings and events.

7. Use the shared “Suggestions for Aims Activities” list in

   the Resource Guide.

8. Seek out global health experts in your community to invite as

   speakers and resources.

9. Keep a list of interesting speakers, DVD’s, books, and

   other resources that have helped support the KFWH

   mission and share them with the U.S. KFWH Chapter

   10.Send in contributions {dues} and fundraising money to the

   home office:

   Kids for World Health

   PO Box 557

   Larchmont, New York 10538

   c/o Treasurer

9. Collect and record stories of chapter activities for the

   newsletter and send to: or to the home office by mail.

10.Check out the KFWH logo and products in the

    Resource Guide.

11.Develop a list of “Friends of KFWH”

    { parent and community volunteers} who will lend support.


Chapter Advisors

Roles and Responsibilities


1. To guide and support students in upholding the Roles and

   Responsibilities of their KFWH Chapter.

 2. To guide students in setting up officers of the chapter in a fair

    and consistent manner.

 3. To support the students in proper stewardship and handling of the

   funds generated by the chapter and its activities { generally by

   identifying an adult who can assist with this function.}

 4. To ensure that the chapter has taken the right steps

    {n.b..registering as a student club} to benefit from liability coverage

    under school insurance and to check insurance for club events.

 5. To share information with other chapters and their advisors-directly

    or via the website or blog.

 6. To facilitate ways in which the chapter can create awareness and

    outreach within the school, the local community, and the public.

 7. To reach out to parents and other adults in the local community who

    may have knowledge, talents, or professional connections that would

    enrich the experience and learning of the chapter.

 8. To protect the integrity of voice and mission of KFWH by helping to

   ensure that chapter activities are in keeping with the KFWH mission.

 9. To help channel energy to educate students and the community

   through student-based decision making and student-generated ideas,

   offering an adult perspective as to what is possible within a realistic