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Chapter Charter

kfwh_logoMaking it Official: 

Your Kids for World Health Chapter Charter


Official KFWH Chapters – Roles and Responsibilities


The Founders of Kids for World Health and the Kids for World Health Board of Directors place importance on the following in order to maintain the original integrity, voice, and mission within the organization:


It is important to Kids for World Health that…


1.         each chapter of Kids for World Health makes a commitment to share and support KFWH’’s mission: raising awareness about the world’s most neglected diseases and helping to eliminate them. Chapters commit to learning about the aims, goals and history of the Kids for World Health organization through study of its website and chapter resource materials.


2.        each chapter accomplishes at least one activity per school year for each Aim of      KFWH: Awareness, Fundraising, and Membership.


3.        each chapter collects and writes information about their activities twice a year that can be shared in a KFWH Newsletter or on the website.  {no student names please.}


4.        each chapter looks for events taking place in its local community where chapter       members can participate to promote KFWH Aims. Examples: town fairs and festivals, school carnivals, holiday parades. Collaboration among nearby chapters for educational, fundraising, or membership events is encouraged, too!


5.        each chapter will be an active participant of the effort to build a KFWH

     network of communication within their school districts, schools, chapters, and

     designated KFWH village contacts.



Business and Legal Aspects of Being a Chapter


1.       Money matters:  local chapter finances.  

  • Designate a specific, safe place to hold chapter funds. 
  • Never mix chapter funds with individual funds
  • Keep careful records of money spent and money taken in, and make a report at each meeting (usually done by the Treasurer)
  • Some chapters will want to open a bank account (use federal tax form SS-4 to get a taxpayer identification number)
  • If the chapter sets up a bank account, appoint two authorized check signers. Require both their signatures for checks over $500. When signing checks, officers should include their titles.
  • All contributions{dues} and fundraising money should be sent by check or money order to:

Kids for World Health

 Attention: What is joy for you? What do you fear? What gives you hope? What is
conflict for you? What do you wish for yourself and/or your family? What
keeps you going…and what motivates or inspires? Treasurer

PO Box 557

Larchmont, New York10538


Questions can be addressed to the Treasurer at:


2.     Tax matters.

  • Kids for World Health is a recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a not-for-profit, charitable organization (the official name for this is “501(c)(3)”).  This means that if chapters collect contributions for the parent organization and its projects, those contributions are tax-deductible
  • There is no need for a chapter to apply for its own 501(c)(3) status.
  • For donations by check over $250.00, please enclose the name and address of the donor in the envelope to our home office address, so that a formal letter can be sent to them to guarantee their tax-deductible status.


3.     Insurance and legal matters

  • Each chapter should register with its school as a student club, as this step usually is necessary for the chapter to be covered under school insurance
  • Chapters should not represent themselves as the KFWH Founders or parent organization
  • Chapters are legally and financially separate from the KFWH parent organization; these means they are not liable (responsible) for legal or financial obligations of the KFWH parent organization, nor is the parent organization responsible for chapters



Official Benefits of Being a KFWH Chapter


There are many benefits of being a KFWH chapter.  These are just the official ones!


1.         KFWH Chapters will receive an Official KFWH Status, Chapter Certificate, and Chapter Resource Guide.


2.        Official KFWH chapters have full use of theKids for World Health logo, motto, photos and other design elements from the KFWH website and resource materials. The Founders appreciate receiving copies or pictures of materials prepared by other chapters using our Kids for World Health designs.


3.        Official KFWH Chapters will have access to help from KFWH Chapter Coordinators and appropriate Officers and Chairs of KFWH as needed.


4.        Official KFWH chapters may order T-shirts at preferential rates from our vendors and have access to our KFWH Product resources.


5.        Official KFWH chapters are eligible for Awards of Excellence and other formal recognition by the Founders and Board of our organization.


6.        Official KFWH chapters have direct access to the latest research and global health materials collected by KFWH advisors.


7.        Official KFWH chapters will receive and contribute to the KFWH Newsletter.


8.        Official KFWH chapters will be involved in a network of exchange of ideas.


9.        Official KFWH chapters will receive a free DVD of the founding of KFWH, as well as a CD of the KFWH Actions {where your money is going!}


Chapter Advisor Responsibilities:


1.         To guide and support students in upholding the Roles and Responsibilities of their KFWH  Chapter.


2.        To guide students in setting up officers of the chapter in a fair and consistent manner.


3.        To support the students in proper stewardship and handling of the funds generated by the chapter and its activities {generally by identifying an adult who can assist with this function}.


4.        To ensure that the chapter has taken the right steps {n.b., registering as a student club} to benefit from liability coverage under school insurance and to check insurance for club events.


5.        To share information with other chapters and their advisors–directly or via the website or blog.


6.        To facilitate ways in which the chapter can create awareness and outreach within the school, the local community, and the public.


7.        To reach out to parents and other adults in the local community who may have knowledge, talents, or professional connections that would enrich the experience and learning of the chapter.


8.        To protect the integrity of voice and mission of KFWH by helping to ensure that chapter activities are in keeping with the KFWH mission.


9.        To help channel the energy and efforts of the chapter by supporting student-based decision making and student-generated ideas, and offering an adult perspective as to what is possible within a realistic framework.