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Ada’s Story

Academics is something that I cherish. I want to study hard and keep Issac in a good way. My ambition early on was to be a doctor. I began Primary School at 3yrs. old. The Headmaster told my parents not to stop my schooling, because I had potential to be a ‘great lady.’ Through the years,I had much encouragement from my teachers and was allowed to skip over 2 grades. Unfortunately, in Primary 2, I became sick with TB and had to spend 6 months in the hospital. My parents moved to a different location and I had to attend a school without the sciences! I needed to shift my focus to History, Economics, and Divinity. My high school performance went well, and the priest at the school offered to send me to University. But the LRA came, and forced us into camps. That changed my scholarship opportunity. Fortunately, my uncle offered me a loan to attend university in Kampala. After graduating with degrees in Administration, Management, and Human Resources, I applied for the position as Hospital Administrator here in the village. I was fortunate to get this position, although I was just 27. It made my original dream of working in the healthcare sector a reality. My next dream is to get a Master’s Degree, and then a Doctorate, go abroad, and to change my citizenship. I wish to change the quality of my life for myself and for my son.

My other passion is an organization that I founded for women whose husbands have died from AIDS and who have AIDS themselves. We raise chickens and grow oranges to sell at market. I encourage the women to accept being…and to know that they are not necessarily going to die right away. I believe that for all of us, that it is important to accept life, and to live fully no matter how much time we have, or no matter the circumstances presented before us.”