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The Organization Background

The original group of 15 students and home base HS representatives,maintain responsibility for determining KFWH Actions and for setting KFWH policy.

Six adults with varying professions including Global Health,responsible for advising the Founders/Student Policy Board, facilitate their decisions and maintain communications within the organization.

Fourteen adults with specialized training and positions, lend their expertise to KFWH.

  • The Advisory Team

Five adults on our Advisory Board in the Department of Neglected Diseases at WHO, provide yearly options to the Student Policy Board for realistic KFWH Actions.

  • The Home Base Chapters and Advisors

Six student chapters in the local Mamaroneck School District, each headed by a faculty advisor, model activities and give suggestions to KFWH Boards.

Twelve student chapters in New York, New Jersey, Ohio,and Illinois ranging from elementary school through college, work on KFWH common mission through education, awareness and fund-raising.

  • Friends of Kids for World Health

Groups of community members who volunteer to aid students and Boards inĀ  carrying out the KFWH Mission.



Student Founders


Kay Kobbe

Founding Teacher


Dr. Jean Jannin

Founding Mentor


Jane Hand

Founding Administrator