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About Us

What Makes Us Different?

  • Kids for World Health was founded and defined by the voice of students.
  • KFWH provides the opportunity for students to tangibly impact the world powerfully and positively, giving understanding to the impact of action and voice.
  • Kids for World Health uses fundraising as an empowerment tool to help others and to spread their mission.
  • Students participate in decision-making with regard to fundraising and organizational policy and structure with the help of their advisors.
  • Kids for World Health models the educational examples of student engagement and student voice.
  • Kids for World Health provides a network for interaction among students, doctors, villagers, health care experts, and educators across the US and the world to support a common mission.
  • KFWH provides an opportunity for children to develop a social conscience and to communicate this passion.
  • KFWH models the behaviors of human respect, equality, and service both locally and globally.
  • KFWH provides opportunities for chapters to increase students’ comprehension of the power of cooperation and coordination and its possibilities for making a meaningful impact on the world.



Connections and Advocacy

  • The World Health Organization, Geneva:  Dr. Jean Jannin and Dr. Pere` Simarro,  Coordinators of the Department of  Neglected Tropical Neglected Diseases
  • World Health Organization, Geneva: KFWH Advisory Team
  • Doctors Without Borders, NYC
  • The Association Against Trypanosomiasis in Africa, Pierre Cattand, Director
  • Former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • Former First Lady Laura Bush
  • President William J.Clinton
  • Former President Jimmy Carter and The Carter Foundation
  • Congresswoman and Chairperson of Foreign Relations Committee, Nita Lowey
  • The GAVI Institute; Alice Albright, Director
  • Dr. Christopher Schofield, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Dr. Irene Kupfer, Swiss Centre for International Health
  • Dr. Christian Burri, Department  Director, The Swiss Tropical Institute
  • The African Union Secretariat and Advisor to the UN, Mirriam Omala,
  • Dr. Peter Hotez, Director of the Sabin Vaccine Institute/ Baylor University
  • Dr. Rajeev Vaidyanathan, Stanford Research Institute
  • Professor Elizabeth A. Opiyo, Gulu University
  • Dr. Christopher Lantz, Department Chair of Neglected Diseases, James Madison University
  • Dr. Solomon Mariam, FIND(Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics)
  • Mr. Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer Prize Journalist and author, NY Times
  • Dr. Anne Moore, CDC, and the Department of Neglected Diseases
  • Professor Elizabeth Oplyo,Gulu University
  • Dr. Patricia Dorn, Hutchinson Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, Loyola University




  • Recipient of the 2010 Human Rights Committee Martin Luther King, Jr. Award
  • U.S. Student Representatives of MSF Access to Medicines Campaign at the White House
  • Invitational Speakers for the International Scientific Council for Trypanosomiasis Research and Control Conference: Kampala, Uganda, October, 2009
  • Invitation to the International Scientific Council for Trypanosomiasis Research and Control Conference: Chad, October, 2011.
  • Invitation to speak on several occasions at the White House.



The Organization Background

The Founders of Kids for World Health/Student Policy Board
The original group of 15 students and members of a Home Base Council who hold responsibility for determining KFWH Actions and setting KFWH policy.

The Board of Directors
An adult board with varying professions including Global Health; responsible for advising the Founders/Student Policy Board, facilitating their decisions, and maintaining communications within the organization.

The Advisory Board
Adult professionals with specialized training and positions who lend their field of expertise to KFWH.

The Advisory Team from the World Health Organization
Adult professionals on our independent Advisory Board in the Department of Neglected Diseases at WHO who provide options to the Student Policy Board for realistic KFWH Actions.

The Home Base local Chapters and Advisors
Student chapters in the local Mamaroneck School District, each headed by a faculty advisor who model activities and give suggestions to KFWH Boards.

The US Chapters and Advisors
Student chapters in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Maine,and Illinois ranging from upper elementary school through university.

Friends of Kids for World Health

Community members who aid students in carrying out the KFWH Mission.