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A Day in the Life of…

A Day in the Life of…

Uganda revised 010Girls sweeping the grounds next to the classroom

A Day in the Life of a healthcare worker, an adult or child villager, and patients were noted in my journey through the village. An example of a day in
the life of a ten year old girl is the following:

4:30-5:00 AM- wake up bell
5:00- morning prayers
5:30- fetch the water
gather firewood
dig for food
6:00- bathe from the basin and dress for the day.
6:15- prepare breakfast for the family.
7:00- clean up and straighten the house or begin walking to school..(1/2 to 6)
mile walk.
7:30- school day begins
1:00-2:00 PM lunchtime…walk home or stay at school ;( no food provided in
primary schools; therefore, some children don’t eat for a 12 hour span of time.
2:00- walk home
3:00- rest and clean up
3:30- meet with friends
4:00- fetch the water
prepare the dinner for the family
do any laundry for the next day
clean up the house

6:00 -dinner
6:30- clean up from dinner
8:00-9:00- Bedtime…no electricity; therefore, work by the firelight only.