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KFWH Global Health Learning Initiative – 2015-16 – Focus on Chagas Disease

A Global Health Learning Initiative is a day-long, week-long, or month-long opportunity for students to learn about global health issues. It can be an alternative for existing chapter formats or a supplement to new and existing chapters. KFWH has tangibly impacted the world by contributing to eliminating sleeping sickness and other targeted neglected diseases; creating new health clinics in Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Chad, actively engaging legislators, collaborating with international experts and saving lives of Bolivians who suffer from Chagas disease.


A Global Health Learning Initiative will enable the chapter participants to share their knowledge and accomplishments, and for students and the community to come together in schools and across grade levels. They will develop a social conscience, educate themselves about neglected diseases and actively pursue a goal.


This is accomplished by engaging students in awareness and educational activities and events that focus on KFWH  “Aims”. This experience is comprehensive and may include exhibits and fairs, activities and games, talks by college students in the field, panels with international global health experts, fundraising events, chapter start-up information, publicity and community relations.


It is crucial for the next generation to be involved in global health issues. Global Health Initiatives are currently being held on college and university campuses across the nation in order to immerse students in learning about global health. As more and more centers of higher learning include global health programs in their curriculum, and as the world’s poorer cultures become more visible through the public media, Kids for World Health supports the events that focus on all of their goals.


The concept of a Global Health Learning Initiative is supported by the experience and opportunities realized over the past decade at KFWH. KFWH has set realistic goals based on a solid student voice, has successfully educated others through events, has tracked and built upon their successes in the international global health world and launched a comprehensive website.


Along with your ideas and possibilities for implementation, and the strategies KFWH has developed, KFWH can help launch Global Health Programs in our schools and communities.


The Aims of Kids for World Health

Awareness and Education


Membership Expansion

The Resource Guide

I. Awareness and Education of Neglected Diseases

II. Chagas Disease

A. Research Library and Student Reads
B. Recommended Book List
C. Patient Stories from Bolivia

III. Media   

A. Maps and Printable Images
B. Films
C. Speakers Available for Chapter Education
D. Printable Certificate
E. Printable Logo

IV. Suggestions for Activities

V. A Human Understanding Approach to Global Health